"'We can't fit it in our budget.' Find. a. way! It’s the ONE thing I regret most. You don’t get those moments back."- Grace Y.


Often times on social media I see future brides asking people - "did you hire a Videographer for your wedding?" or "why should I hire a Videographer for my wedding?" My response is always this... "photos capture a moment in time, but videos capture raw emotions."

Within a blink of an eye, your wedding is over. It goes by so fast that you can't even digest what happened behind the scenes. You may not even remember or know of something that happened from that day without it being captured on video. 
This is my passion and I do not take this opportunity lightly. I strive to deliver high-end products to my clients with a distinctive style that is indisposable. This is the video that I want you two to be able to playback every single year on your anniversary and never not make you feel those same feelings that you felt the first time you watched it together. ​If you're eager to have a video that will leave a lasting impression then maybe I am that perfect vendor for you. So, let's get to chatting!